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Posted Date: 05/14/2021


CHUGWATER FIRECHUGWATER TELEPHONE COChugwater Elementary students took a walking field trip on May 13 to explore all of the businesses and sites in the town of Chugwater.  They started off the trip at the town hall where Mayor Carol Ash and Town Clerk David Clough explained the roles of the town government and everything they take care of for the town.  Students then walked across the street to the Chugwater Post Office where postmistress RaeCe Wilkerson talked about how the post office was run.  Each student had written a post card to someone ahead of time and had the opportunity to mail it and see how the cancellation stamp was applied and then delivered to the appropriate addresses.  

Next up was the Chugwater Telephone Company where Karen Misirasi explained the workings of the telephone company and gave a behind the scene tour of the facility.  On the way to the Chugwater Chili Corp. students explored the Legion Memorial Pocket Park and viewed the monument honoring Chugwater residents who had lost their lives in World War I and World War II.  

Students had made May Baskets which were dropped off at the Chugwater Community Center for the Senior Citizens to enjoy when they came for their lunch.

At Chugwater Chili Justin Gentle and Katie Kernan explained the business and the kids were able to observe Belinda Witt and Vickie Pesek packaging chili.  Each student came away with a goodie bag to include a packet of Chugwater Chili for them to make with their parents at home.

Chief Tim Ash and Brian Jacobsen gave us a tour of all the fire trucks.  Chief Ash said they would be bringing the trucks up to the school sometime before the end of the school year where the kids could experience the water hoses and sirens.

After a long walk students were relieved to walk across to the Stampede Saloon and Eatery for lunch.    Each child brought $5.00 and the Chugwater Booster Club/PTA made up the difference for the experience of eating out at a restaurant.

Before walking back to school the students' final stop was at the Chugwater Soda Fountain where each child was treated to an ice cream cone.  A big thank you goes out to Kenny Clark for donating money for the purchase of these cones.