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Posted Date: 02/01/2021

student of the month


Macy has been outstanding in her effort and perseverance this year. She has shown true grit and determination when it comes to her school work. She has set a goal of becoming a better reader and she is growing in reading by leaps and bounds. Macy has approached every challenge with a positive, “can-do” attitude. She is always willing to help others and is an overall great example for everyone. Way to go Macy!!





student of the month



The student of the month for the secondary group is Annie.  Annie has done a wonderful job typifying the district's goal to reach the PEAK. Annie has been prepared for class by completing her assignments and taking good notes, she has engaged in her course work, she has been active in participating in class and asking good questions and participating in extracurricular activities, and she has shown that she is knowledgeable by performing at a high standard. Annie has been on her best behavior and has been an excellent example of what a student of the month should look like for Chugwater Schools. Congratulations Annie.