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Posted Date: 11/23/2020


Western Building Supply, Western Coffee Co, and Dr. Nevins,

Thank you for your generous donation to Platte County School District #1.  I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients of these funds.  Teaching kids to believe in themselves and to persevere through school and our world is a huge part of any classroom.  It is especially relevant during this point in history.

I was able to purchase several Growth Mindset books, posters, and activities to implement with the Pre-K through 5th grade and beyond at Chugwater Schools.  These are fun picture books that talk about not giving up, training their brains to do great things, the power in using the word “YET”, and the realization that everything is difficult before it is easy. 

We are excited to start using these books in our classrooms and helping each of our students develop positive mindsets, work ethics, and passion in all that they do.

Thank you again for your generosity!

With Kind Regards,

Shelly Van Why

Chugwater 4-5 Teacher