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Posted Date: 04/02/2020


Here are some great activities and resources to keep everyone learning and staying active at home. 

  • Download the Kids Heart Challenge APP, under the games tab students can play HEART HERO DROP, COLOR AR and more.
  • If you haven’t taken Finn’s Mission in the Kids Heart Challenge APP do so a learn the warning signs of stroke, hands-only CPR, etc.
  • Kids Heart Challenge has a fun interactive Heart Healthy Bingo that families can plan at home. 
  • Take the family fun outside and use these videos to learn fun new jump roping skills with single and double ropes.
  • Learn about the anatomy of the heart. Discuss with your child how important the heart is for our overall health and how eating healthy and staying active can keep it strong!
  • We also have 25 ways to keep moving at home – but can you think of others? Share your ideas with us by posting to social media with hashtag #kidsheartchallenge and #movemore
  • Get Cooking! Create family activity emails, cooking lessons, recipe ideas and more!

Share on social media by using #kidsheartchallenge what your child is doing to stay active and healthy during this time! 

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Thank you so much for supporting the American Heart Association. In addition to the research that will be funded, community education that will be available and public policy that will be affected for Heart and Stroke health, they are also stepping up to help families in need right now. Check out the article below to see how the AHA is working with the US Secretary of Agriculture and the USDA to take steps to give states more flexibility to provide school meals during coronavirus-related closures. Without amazing families like yours supporting the American Heart Association this would not be possible. Thank you so much for making a difference and helping us save lives!