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Posted Date: 02/04/2020


Geo BeeNational Geographic Society Geography Bee was held January 31, 2020 at Chugwater Schools.  Students from  4th through 8th grades competed for the title of School Champion.  Mrs. Dani Olsen, the moderator of the event said, “questions would cover general knowledge of our world.”

In the Preliminary Round students were each asked seven questions and they had a time limit on their answer.  Mrs. Olsen read the questions and let students know if their responses were correct or incorrect.  Assisting Mrs. Olsen were Mrs. Williams—timer and Mrs. Langston—score keeper. The top scorers from the Preliminary Round were advanced to the Finals Round. Those students were Tailynn, Phillip, Annie, Ethan and Luke. 

Tailynn and Phillip advanced to the Championship Round.  Phillip was the over-all winner.

Phillip will now take the State Qualifying Online Test. If he scores well on the test he will be invited to participate at the State Geo Bee Competition on March 27th in Casper.

Geo Bee                         Geo Bee